Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) can be activated with or without internet access. This article describes steps to license the product on a machine without an active internet connection.

This process will activate two licenses:

  • Wolfram Engine: This license enables functionality for the web application. Once activated, computational kernels will be functional, and users will be able to create sessions and perform evaluations in your EPC.
  • Wolfram Desktop: Your virtual machine comes with a copy of Wolfram Desktop preinstalled. This needs to be activated in order to configure the settings for your EPC.

To activate your EPC without internet access, you will need the following information:

  • Machine ID: Provided in the Activate Cloud utility described below.
  • Activation Key: Available in the User Portal.

Obtain Your Licensing Files

  1. Navigate to EPC desktop to find EPC Management Utilities.
  2. Open the Activate Cloud utility. The Cloud Activation window appears.
  3. Select Activate Without Internet. The Cloud Activation dialog updates to display the Machine ID.
  4. From a different machine that has internet access, send an email to privatecloud-support@wolfram.com with your Machine ID, Wolfram ID and Activation Key. Our support team will reply within one business day with the necessary information to proceed with the activation.

Activate Using the Provided Licensing Files

  1. Transfer the license files that were attached to the reply email to the EPC VM.
  2. Return to the Activate Without Internet dialog by once again going on EPC desktop, selecting Activate Cloud and then selecting Activate Without Internet.
  3. Click the Browse buttons to individually select the Wolfram Engine and the Wolfram Desktop license files.
  4. Press Activate. The License Statuses will change to Activated.

Your EPC is now ready for configuration.