After installing and activating Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC), it needs to be configured before being ready for use.

  1. Navigate to EPC desktop to find EPC Management Utilities.
  2. Select the Configure Cloud utility from your EPC desktop. The EPC Configuration notebook opens with instructions for the configuration process.

  3. Follow the prompts in the EPC Configuration notebook to alter your desired settings.
  4. Navigate to the last slide of the Configuration notebook once the desired changes have been made.
  5. Apply your Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud configuration settings by clicking the following three buttons in sequence:
    • Generate Configuration Files
    • Install Configuration Files
    • Restart System Services

    EPC restarts and the changes are applied.

  6. Use the Cloud Status Utility on EPC desktop to verify that the configuration settings have been applied.

Contact Private Cloud Support via if further assistance is needed.