Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) is a virtual machine compatible with various hypervisor solutions. In this article, we will utilize Oracle VirtualBox. The following installation guide is intended as a supplement to the VirtualBox VM Import Process documentation.

  1. Download your EPC from the primary account holder’s User Portal.
  2. Open your VirtualBox application.
  3. Select menu item File ► Import Appliance and browse to the downloaded EPC .ova file.
  4. Choose the file and select Open. A dialog will appear, displaying the virtual machine’s specifications.
  5. Select Import to begin the installation. A progress bar appears, indicating the status of your import. When the import is complete, EPC will appear in your library.
  6. Select EPC in your library and press Start.

    Once the VM has launched, your EPC desktop will appear.

Your EPC is now installed and needs to be activated.