When setting up Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC), the relevant DNS records must be configured so that EPC users can properly access products and services in the Private Cloud system.

In the EPC configuration notebook, the following message indicates that DNS needs to be set up on the customer’s network:

Base Domain

The base domain is the base (or root) of the URL used to access Wolfram products via the web. For example, a base domain of wolfram.example.com will allow you to have an EPC home page to be https://www.wolfram.example.com.

Master Node

The master node is the hostname of your EPC. This can fit any internal naming scheme you may have for your corporate servers. This example uses the hostname epc-server1.example.com.

Web Subdomains

Web subdomains are the configurable subdomains for the different products available in EPC.

The home page is typically set to “www,” which when combined with the base domain will be located at https://www.wolfram.example.com.

Example DNS Configuration

All of these subdomains (products) are hosted on the EPC system, in this case at the example.com domain. Your DNS needs to point all of these URLs to your Private Cloud server. An example DNS configuration is shown here:

epc-server1 IN A ;server hostname and IP
wolfram IN CNAME epc-server1 ;base domain/redirect to home page
www.wolfram IN CNAME epc-server1 ;home page subdomain
develop.wolfram IN CNAME epc-server1 ;Development Platform subdomain
mathematica.wolfram IN CNAME epc-server1 ;Mathematica Online subdomain
lab.wolfram IN CNAME epc-server1 ;Wolfram Programming Lab subdomain
datascience.wolfram IN CNAME epc-server1 ;Data Science subdomain

With the DNS example and assuming the example.com domain, going to any of EPC’s subdomains will direct you to the correct EPC product pages:

  • https://wolfram.example.com
  • https://www.wolfram.example.com
  • https://develop.wolfram.example.com
  • https://mathematica.wolfram.example.com
  • https://lab.wolfram.example.com
  • https://datascience.wolfram.example.com