Wolfram|One is a cloud-desktop hybrid, i.e. you can work with the Wolfram Language and store your files both online in a browser (the Wolfram Cloud) and offline using a desktop application (Wolfram Desktop).

After purchasing your Wolfram|One license, you need to create a Wolfram ID to start using the product.

Start using Wolfram|One online:

  1. In a browser, go to https://wolframcloud.com.
  2. Sign in using your Wolfram ID and password.

Start using Wolfram|One locally:

  1. Download the Wolfram Desktop installer from your Wolfram Account.
  2. Set up Wolfram Desktop by installing it and then activating it using your Wolfram ID credentials:

    Setting up Wolfram Desktop on Windows

    Setting up Wolfram Desktop on Mac

    Setting up Wolfram Desktop on Linux

If the computer you are installing Wolfram Desktop on is offline, you can activate the application using your activation key, MathID and password:

    Activating Wolfram Desktop offline