Mathematica generates these messages when it cannot locate the cluster engine’s installation. A sample error message for the PBS scheduling engine is:

ClusterIntegration`PBS`Private`ClusterEngine::load:Cannot find components required for PBS.

You can resolve these error messages by showing Mathematica where to look for the scheduling engine. Set the “Engine path” option to the location of the scheduling engine in the Parallel Preferences dialog.

  1. Go to EvaluationParallel Kernel ConfigurationsCluster IntegrationAdvanced Settings:
  2. Edit the “Engine path” field to the location of your cluster’s engine.

Alternatively, you can use the “EnginePath” option as part of the LaunchKernels command in a notebook or from the command line. An example for the PBS cluster engine is:

LaunchKernels[PBS["pbshead", "EnginePath"-> "usr/pbs"]]