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MathLink API (Mathematica Guide)

Extensively used within the Mathematica system itself, MathLink is Mathematica's unique high-level symbolic interface standard for interprogram communication. With convenient ...

Wolfram Support Quick Answers : Why do I get a “No Kernels Available” or “Could not find MathLink executable” error message? (Support Articles)

webMathematica must be able to locate a Mathematica kernel in order to run. If Mathematica is installed in a non default location, it might be necessary to point ...

webMathematica - Tips & Tricks (Support Articles)

Answers to common questions, tips, and tricks regarding webMathematica.

Wolfram Support Quick Answers : How do I manually create a remote Wolfram Language kernel connection? (Support Articles)

It may be necessary to manually create a remote kernel in the Evaluation menu as a debugging tool.

webMathematica (Support Articles)

Answers to common questions about webMathematica.

How MathLink Is Used (Mathematica Tutorial)

MathLink provides a mechanism through which programs can interact with Mathematica. Some typical uses of MathLink. MathLink provides a general interface for external programs ...

Introduction to MathLink (Mathematica Tutorial)

In many cases, you will find it convenient to communicate with external programs at a high level, and to exchange structured data with them. On almost all computer systems, ...