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Does log4shell affect Wolfram products?


Most Wolfram products and systems are either not affected by the log4shell (CVE-2021-44228) zero-day vulnerability in the Java library log4j in versions 2.x with x<=14 or it has been fully addressed in them.

Only Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud and Wolfram Application Server were affected by log4shell. This vulnerability has been mitigated in these products and will be fully addressed in future product versions.

All product fixes also address log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-45046.

For further details on individual Wolfram products or systems, please consult the following sections.

Wolfram-hosted systems and products

All Wolfram-hosted systems and products such as Wolfram|Alpha or Wolfram Cloud were either not affected or these log4j vulnerabilities have been fully addressed in them.

Customer-hosted non-Wolfram Language products

No non-Wolfram Language Wolfram products, such as System Modeler or Wolfram’s license manager MathLM, have been affected by either log4j vulnerability.

All customer-hosted Wolfram Language products
(except Enterprise Private Cloud and Application Server)

All current Wolfram Language products use log4j’s older versions 1.x, to a very limited extent.
Wolfram products such as Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition, Wolfram Desktop, Wolfram Engine, Wolfram Finance Platform, Wolfram Player, gridMathematica Server or webMathematica are therefore not affected by either log4j vulnerability.

Customer-hosted Enterprise Private Cloud and Application Server

Enterprise Private Cloud and Application Server were affected by log4shell.
A workaround to mitigate the issue has been communicated to all affected customers. Fully fixed product versions are in preparation.

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