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What are the guidelines for purchase orders?

Purchase orders must be complete before they can be processed. Be sure to include all of the following:

  1. Customer Information
    1. Contact person and full contact information
    2. Bill-to address (if applicable, should match credit card’s bill-to)
    3. Ship-to address (for downloads, this is the recipient’s shipping and email addresses)
    4. Telephone number
    5. Order-unique purchase-order number
  2. Payment Information
    1. Terms, e.g. net 30, credit card.
    2. Credit card information, if applicable, including name on the card, card number, card security code (CSC), and expiration date
    3. Grand total
  3. Product Information for EACH Item
    1. Item description
    2. Pricing, by line item, with applicable discounts noted
    3. Additional details for all software, including home-use requests:
      1. Platform (e.g. Windows, Mac)
      2. License type (e.g. student, professional)
      3. Download vs. physical media
      4. Corresponding license numbers, for software upgrades, application packages, site-license additions, and media replacement requests
  4. Applicable Discounts and PD Codes
    1. Include any applicable PD code number
  5. Delivery Instructions
    1. Delivery method
    2. End-user email address and shipping information (regardless of delivery method, including download)
    3. Logistics notes for physical shipments, including special instructions, use of third-party logistics provider and applicable account number, etc.
  6. Site Information Sheets and Contracts
  7. These documents should accompany all site orders at the time the purchase order is submitted. Please check that all fields of the site information sheet are complete and all contracts are signed and dated. Contracts cannot be processed with missing signatures or initials.

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