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Affiliated Individual
Any person who is currently an employee, faculty member, staff member, or student of an organization. All site license program contracts restrict access to affiliated individuals.

Bulk Student Version Program
The Bulk Student Version Program provides campuses with the option of distributing copies of Wolfram Research student products.

Comprehensive Program
A leasing arrangement for Wolfram Research products where the yearly fee is based on the product(s) being covered and the number and type of copies required. The yearly fee is calculated by applying the tier-level discount to the total list price (for that geographic region and market) of all licenses covered. The tier-level discount is dependent upon the total value of the initial order and market. The standard term of a Comprehensive Program is three (3) years.

Members of the teaching staff of any educational institution, including high schools, 2-year colleges, and 4-year universities. Faculty may include professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers, teachers, or the equivalent of any of these academic ranks.

Funding-Out Clause
A clause in a multiple-year contract that allows the customer to terminate their contract without penalty prior to its expiration in the event that funds are not appropriated for the purpose stated in the contract.

Installation Support
The support provided to a customer during the installation process, but not pertaining to the use of the product. Installation support questions may include the following topics:

  • install or uninstall procedures
  • passwords
  • program files
  • media
  • conflicts
  • startup/booting or shutdown process
  • file associations
  • memory
  • loading packages

A contract granting use of a specified number of Wolfram Research products during a specified period in exchange for a yearly fee.

License Number
A unique number issued to an individual or organization that identifies the type and configuration of product that has been licensed. The license number allows Wolfram Research representatives to quickly access details of the license. The license number is located on the license certificate.

Machine-Generic (a.k.a. Unsecured)
A version of a Wolfram Research licensed product is machine-generic if it does not generate a MathID number upon installation and utilizes a predetermined password that is included in the box. This password may only be used to install the product as specified by the license certificate.

Machine-Specific (a.k.a. Secured)
A version of a Wolfram Research licensed product is machine-specific if each installation generates a MathID number and requires a unique password.

A general subdivision of customers broken down by occupational affiliation (e.g. standard [commercial], government, educational, community college, precollege, student).

MathID Number
A number created by Mathematica that is unique to the machine on which the license was installed.

MathLM refers to the proprietary license manager that is included with a network license. Products that ship with MathLM include Network Mathematica, gridMathematica, and Network Mathematica CalcCenter. MathLM monitors the network and restricts the concurrent product use to the number of processes purchased/requested. Additional information about MathLM is available here.

Nonconforming Network
Unsecured (machine-generic) media distributed as part of select site license programs, allowing the organization to install the product on multiple machines that are not able to connect to a machine running MathLM.

A specific type of hardware and/or operating system. Examples include Microsoft Windows XP, Linux x86, Sun Solaris, and Mac OS X.

Every time the software is started, a process is invoked by the computer’s operating system. Some versions allow more than one process to run concurrently. The license certificate states the maximum number of concurrent processes that may be run.

Replacement Media
Replacement for physically corrupt or damaged media for a Wolfram Research product.

A session lasts from the time the software process is launched until it terminates.

Site Administrator (a.k.a. Program Administrator)
An individual located at an organization who is selected to provide administration support to onsite users. This individual is authorized to contact the Wolfram Research or certified reseller Technical Support department directly as well as receive all Site Administrator newsletters, upgrade shipments, and renewal notices.

Site License Program
A purchasing or leasing arrangement that allows the customer to obtain multiple copies of Wolfram Research products for a discount from the list price. Examples of current site license programs include the Volume-Purchase Program, Comprehensive Program, and Unlimited Program.

Student Products and Services
Products and services exclusively available to students for use on their own computers. Current student-only products include Mathematica Student Edition, SystemModeler for Students, and student-priced Wolfram Research applications (only available for direct sale from Wolfram Research in select areas).

Technical Support Contacts
An individual who is selected by the organization to provide technical support to onsite users of all Wolfram Research products that have been licensed under the organization’s site license program. Technical support contacts are eligible to request technical support for these products directly from the Wolfram Research or certified reseller Technical Support department.

Unlimited Program
A leasing arrangement for Wolfram Research products that can be obtained for an entire organization, group of departments, or single department. The cost is based on the products being covered and the size of the department(s) or organization. The annual fees are fixed during the contract term and are calculated based on technical/chargeable students. The Unlimited Program allows an unlimited number of installations of the covered product to be made during this time. The standard term of an Unlimited Program is three (3) years.

Update (a.k.a. Maintenance Update)
All Wolfram Research licensed products have four-digit version numbers. An update is a change to the last two (2) digits of the version number (e.g. to or to

All Wolfram Research licensed products have four-digit version numbers. An upgrade is a change to the first two (2) digits of the version number (e.g. to or to

Volume-Purchase Program
A purchasing program that allows organizations to purchase individual permanent licenses at a discount from list price. The discount is based on the size of the initial purchase and is applied to all purchases of eligible products made by the institution for a period of one (1) year. No contract is required.

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