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How do I read the contents of a mathpass file?

The mathpass file is a text document that stores the license information for your Wolfram products. Your mathpass file can be found in up to three different locations on your system.

Structure of a Typical Mathpass File

A mathpass file is typically formatted as a single row of four entries:

Hostname MathID ActivationKey Password

Consider an example mathpass file with the following contents:

myComputer 1111-11111-11111 1234-5678-ABCDEF 2222-222-222:2,2,8,8:9:20201231

In this example, the following is true:

  • “myComputer” is the name of the machine where the Wolfram product is installed
  • “1111-11111-11111” is the MathID number with which the Wolfram product identifies your machine
  • “1234-5678-ABCDEF” is your activation key
  • “2222-222-222:2,2,8,8:9:20201231” is the password specifying the license details

Structure of a Mathpass File Referencing a MathLM Server

When acquiring your license information from MathLM, your mathpass file will contain a line with only the server’s name preceded by an exclamation mark; for example:


Mathpass Files with Multiple Lines

Mathpass files can contain information from several licenses, each stored on a separate line. When your Wolfram product references a mathpass file with multiple lines, it tries to use each line in succession to activate. For example:

myComputer 1111-11111-11111 1234-5678-ABCDEF 2222-222-222:2,2,8,8:9:20201231

A Wolfram product using this mathpass file will first try to activate using the MathLM server “!mathlmhost”. If that fails, it will then try to activate using the password “2222-222-222:2,2,8,8:9:20201231” and further activation information on the second line.

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