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When does Technical Support end for my Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition?

Technical Support for Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition is a service provided by a joint support team from Wolfram Research, Inc. and Wolfram Alpha LLC.

It consists of Installation Support to set up Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition on your machine and User Support to answer your questions on how to use the product.

An active Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition Plus or Notebook Bundle Service contract is required in order to receive User Support.

Such User Support is provided for Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition until the indicated date:

 Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition Version   Wolfram Language Version   End-of-User-Support Date 
12.0 12.0 09/30/2022

Installation Support, however, continues for customers with a valid product license beyond the expiration of any service contract and end date of User Support.

These end-of-User-Support dates are approximations only and should not be relied upon in any purchasing or project decisions. We will strive to keep these dates reasonably accurate and current, but reserve the right to modify them at any time.

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