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Why do I get an “Action could not be completed in allotted time” error message?

webMathematica produces this message when evaluations take a long time to complete. Evaluations are given an allotted amount of time to finish, after which webMathematica stops the evaluation.

  1. Run the evaluations in the Mathematica kernel to verify how long they take to complete. Long evaluations cause this message.
  2. Increase the allotted amount of time to finish the computation by using the KernelTimeLimit tag in the MSPConfiguration.xml file. The MSPConfiguration.xml file is located in the webapps/webMathematica/WEBINF directory in your Tomcat layout. Nest the KernelTimeLimit tag inside of the KernelPool tag. Inside the KernelTimeLimit tag, place the number of milliseconds to set the time-out. This time-out should be long enough for the kernel’s calculations to complete.
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