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How do I access computable data through Wolfram|Alpha?

Wolfram|Alpha provides historical data and prices for a number of financial objects:

Wolfram|Alpha also calculates present values, derivatives, and mortgage loans.

Computing with Data from Wolfram|Alpha

The Documentation Center has information about how to turn a Wolfram|Alpha query into computable data. You can quickly access and program with this data.

To access the computable data from Wolfram|Alpha, use the WolframAlpha function. The following example asks for the recent price of Microsoft’s stock in 2007:

WolframAlpha["Microsoft stock prices 2007"]

We can access the data that Wolfram|Alpha uses to make the plot. Click the plus button above the top-right corner of the chart. This opens a menu where you can select other ways to view this data.

Select “Computable data.” “Computable data” creates a new WolframAlpha expression that asks for the data in a computable form instead of a plot.

WolframAlpha["MSFT stock prices 2007", {{"DateRangeSpecified:Last:FinancialData", 1}, "ComputableData"}]

This expression gives the chart’s data in a computable format. You can analyze this data like any other set of data.

PointFigureChart[WolframAlpha["MSFT stock prices 2007",
{{"DateRangeSpecified:Last:FinancialData", 1}, "ComputableData"}]]

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