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Enterprise Support Contact Procedures

Definitions: The definitions from the Enterprise Support—Service Level Agreement are hereby incorporated by reference.

  1. Enterprise Support Contact (ESC) Procedures
    1. Providing WST with your Wolfram ID is a prerequisite to ESC registration.
    2. One Administrative ESC will be associated with each Software License. The Administrative ESC is initially the Purchaser. Additional Regular ESCs may be associated with a Software License; however, the total number of ESCs for a given license—including the Administrative ESC and any Regular ESC—may not exceed the number of seats in the license.
    3. Administrative ESCs may update information for any ESCs associated with their license; Regular ESCs may update only their own information. Updates may be made by contacting Customer Support online or by telephone at 217-398-0700 during Customer Support Business Hours.
    4. Providing WST with comprehensive technical information is a prerequisite to Production System Registration.
    5. Several Production Systems may be associated to each Software License.
    6. Administrative ESCs may update the technical information on any Production System associated with their license. Updates need to be made contacting WST by sending an email message to enterprise-support@wolfram.com or calling (888) 592-2997 or 217-398-7180 during Technical Support business hours.

  2. Issue Request Procedures
    1. To file an Issue, you must submit an Issue Request (“Request”) by sending an email message to enterprise-support@wolfram.com or calling (888) 592-2997 or 217-398-7180. Communication via any other channels may not be eligible for WES.
    2. To file a Request by phone, you must immediately provide:
      1. a contact name and phone number;
      2. your company name;
      3. your Wolfram ID;
      4. a complete description of the issue and how it has substantially affected your Production System (system information, steps required to reproduce the issue, description of the expected behavior and/or description of any workarounds); and
      5. a ticket or case number if your Request relates back to a previous Request.
    3. To file a Request by email, your email must include, in addition to the above information required for a phone Request, the following information:
      1. contact email address;
      2. product name and version;
      3. type of inquiry: problem, question, product issue or work order;
      4. the priority level of your issue (one of Advisory, Important, Urgent or Critical);
      5. code, input, output and files necessary to reproduce the issue;
      6. a clear question identifying what you want the WST to do; and
      7. a list of resources you consulted to solve the problem.
    4. All Requests must be filed in English.

  3. Additional Procedures Required for Critical and Urgent Issue Requests
    1. You will provide and make available sufficiently trained staff; immediately implement and verify any fixes or workarounds that we communicate to you; and provide access to all products, databases and personnel necessary to analyze or resolve the issue.
    2. To be eligible for WES, Critical Issue Requests must indicate (in addition to the information in the previous section) a technical member of your staff who is available 24/7, is knowledgeable of the issue, can analyze the problem and can implement any provided resolution approaches.
    3. If you are filing a Critical Issue Request by email, then you must call the WST within 15 minutes of filing a Critical Issue Request. Your failure to provide the Critical Issue Request and other information as required may disqualify you from receiving the level of WES requested.
    4. You will notify WST of any scheduled hardware, software or code upgrades or updates to your Production Systems by sending an email to enterprise-support@wolfram.com no later than 72 hours prior to such maintenance or updates.
    5. In case of major scheduled hardware, software or code upgrades or updates to any of your Production Systems, you will provide WST with all important details on the intended system changes sufficiently in advance by sending an email to enterprise-support@wolfram.com and work together with WST to determine and minimize any potential impact of these changes on the Availability of your Production System.
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