Wolfram Cloud Credits are the currency of the Wolfram Cloud. Each Wolfram Cloud subscription includes a certain number of credits for deployments and other functions. Additional credits can be purchased.

Note: Not all cloud activity consumes credits. Read more about what you can do with Cloud Credits and what tasks use them.

Included Cloud Credits

Included Cloud Credits reset at the start of each billing cycle month according to your subscription level. For annual subscriptions, credits reset monthly, starting on the date you first subscribed. For example, if you subscribed on March 3, 2019, your credits would reset on April 3, 2019.

Additional Cloud Credits

If you are subscribed to an eligible plan, you can purchase additional Cloud Credits as needed. These credits are used after you have exhausted the monthly credits included in your plan.

If you switch to a lower plan that does not include the ability to purchase additional credits, you keep and can use any additional credits you have previously purchased. However they will expire one year after your plan changes.