You must manually activate SystemModeler if your computer cannot connect to the internet.

  1. Close any Wolfram products that may be running.
  2. Start SystemModeler. The Product Activation dialog will appear.
  3. To manually activate, click Other ways to activate in the Product Activation dialog.
  4. Click Manual Activation. The manual activation dialog appears. Copy the MathID shown in the dialog as it appears on your computer.
  5. Get your activation key in the Wolfram User Portal under the My Products and Services tab.
  6. To generate the password, go to the password generator form and enter your activation key and MathID in the form. Click the Generate Password button to generate your password.
  7. Type your activation key and password into the manual activation dialog and click Activate.
  8. If you are still unable to activate SystemModeler, contact customer service for assistance.