When you sign up for the Wolfram Data Drop, you’re given access to one of the following:

  • Wolfram Data Drop Standard: Available to paid subscribers (includes individual subscriptions and access through Premier Service Plus)
  • Wolfram Data Drop Starter: Available to all other users

Wolfram Data Drop Starter and Standard are differentiated as follows:

Starter Standard
Number of databins 5 Unlimited
(depends on storage space)
Maximum databin size 15 MB 175 MB
Databin submission rate limit 60/hour 3,600/hour
Databin expiration 30 days from the creation date Never
Databin access Public Private/Public

All limits are subject to change.

To view when your databins expire, select My Databins and click the databin name. The expiration date is shown above the databin name.

Contact us for information on other Wolfram Data Drop plans, including Private Cloud Data Drops.