Documentation for Mathematica Link for Excel can be found either online or in product.


The Mathematica Link for Excel User’s Guide is available online in PDF format.

In Product

Your Wolfram product contains the Mathematica Link for Excel documentation once the package has been installed.

  1. In your Wolfram product, navigate to Help ► Documentation to go to Mathematica’s Documentation Center home page.

  2. Select the link Add-ons and Packages from the bottom of the main reference page. The Installed Add-Ons page appears.
  3. Click the ExcelLink line to open the guide page. The page points to the various function reference pages, tutorials and other resources.

Alternatively, you can reach this page directly from any documentation page by typing “ExcelLink” into the reference bar.

For further information on getting started with Mathematica Link for Excel, we recommend visiting

  • ExcelLink/tutorial/WorkingInMathematicaGettingStarted (accessing Excel from Mathematica)
  • ExcelLink/tutorial/WorkingInExcelGettingStarted (accessing Mathematica from Excel)
  • by pasting the relevant address into the Documentation Center address bar.