Mathematica Link for Excel enables you to share data and calculations between Mathematica and Microsoft Excel.

These instructions assume that Mathematica Link for Excel is downloaded and installed on your computer.

Here we showcase the first steps in connecting to Mathematica from Excel. For connecting to Excel from Mathematica, see here.

Advanced examples and information can be found in the Mathematica Link for Excel documentation.

Installing the Add-In in Excel

  1. Select Run All Programs ► Mathematica Link for Excel ► Mathematica Link Add-In. This installs the add-in.

  2. Select the ADD-INS tab.
  3. Verify that the Mathematica Link for Excel toolbar is present.

Mathematica Link for Excel is now installed in Excel.

Running a Mathematica Function in Excel

Enter calls to Mathematica in the cell content slot using the format:

=EVAL("FunctionName", arg1, arg2, ...)

In the following example, we compute the determinant of the matrix defined in cells A1 through B2.

Using the Function Wizard for Building Function Calls

The Mathematica Link for Excel toolbar contains a Function Wizard to help with more complicated Wolfram Language function calls in Excel.

To use the Function Wizard:

  1. Open the wizard by clicking the “fx” icon on the toolbar.
  2. Find the Wolfram Language function you wish to use. Click Next to confirm.
  3. Enter the arguments for the function. Click Next to confirm.
  4. If needed, alter any of the default options for the function. Click Enter to use the function.
  5. Enter the ID of the cell you want the output to appear in.

The output will then be placed in the specified cell: