MathLM logs its activity if launched with the “-logfile” flag.

To begin collecting log messages in the file filename, start MathLM from the command line using:

mathlm -logfile filename

Note that you need to have write permissions to the specified file’s directory. The log file will contain messages of the following form: - username [01/Jan/2017:22:01:35] "MathLM 12.0 executable launched" ".\mathlm" - - username [01/Jan/2017:22:01:35] "Verbosity level specified" "1" - - username [01/Jan/2017:22:01:35] "Logging verbosity level specified" "3" - - username [01/Jan/2017:22:01:35] "Hostname" "" -

These messages are comprised of the host name, username, a timestamp and the specific message.

The “-loglevel n” flag allows adjusting the level of verbosity from its default value of 3 to any number between 1 (least verbose) and 4 (most verbose). The types of messages logged at each verbosity level are described in detail here.

If necessary, you can customize the log messages’ format.