You can install packages in Wolfram Products such as Mathematica or Finance Platform by using an easy to follow dialog.

  1. Navigate to File and choose “Install…”.
  2. A window prompts you for more information:
  3. From the “Type of Item to install” drop-down menu, select “Package”.
  4. From the “Source” drop-down menu, choose “From File …”. A window appears, allowing you to select the package that you want to install. After selecting the package, click the Open button.
  5. Choose a name for your package in the “Install Name” field and click the OK button.

The installer creates a copy of the package in either your Base Directory or User Base Directory. You can now load the package in your current or any future session by executing the Needs command:


The last character is a tick mark (`), not an apostrophe (’). It is available on most keyboards underneath the tilde (~). Additionally, PackageName should be the same name as the Install Name field during the installation.