Mathematica Link for Excel allows Mathematica to access spreadsheets open in Excel on the same computer and allows Excel macros to access Mathematica functions for calculations and graphics. It consists of a Wolfram Language package and an Excel plugin.

Mathematica Link for Excel is available only for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Installing the ExcelLink plugin requires that Excel already be installed on your machine.

  1. Locate the Link for Excel installer on your computer. If downloaded, it is likely in your Downloads folder under your user home directory.
  2. Right-click it and select Open. Windows may ask if you want to run a program downloaded from the internet. Click Yes.
  3. The Setup dialog opens.

  4. Click Install to begin installing the Wolfram Language package.

    The installation success window appears on your screen.

  5. Select Install/Update Excel Add-in and click Finish. The Link for Excel add-in installs, and the window closes.

Verifying the Package Installation

In a Mathematica notebook, enter and evaluate


No output is returned if the Wolfram Link for Excel package has been installed successfully.

Verifying the Excel Plugin Installation

  1. To start Excel with the add-in already active, navigate to Start All Programs Mathematica Link For Excel Mathematica Link Add-In.
  2. Start - AllProg - LinkForExcel - Add-in

  3. Move to the Home tab in Excel and type an “=EVAL( )” command with a Mathematica function and argument references in the function slot. The function evaluates automatically, and the output appears in the selected cell if the Excel add-in is properly installed.
  4. ExcelLink to do BesselJ( A1, B1)