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What internet domains do I need access to in order to use online functionality?

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Wolfram Language has many functions that fetch data from online sources. Without access to internet these functions might not work as intended. Firewalls and proxy servers may deny Wolfram Language access to online data. Knowing the URLs that it uses allows you to configure any firewalls or proxies to grant access to online data.

Most of Wolfram Language’s online functions, including natural language queries, need:

  • www.wolfram.com
  • www.wolframalpha.com
  • dataserver.wolfram.com
  • pacletserver.wolfram.com

Wolfram Cloud–related functionality, Wolfram Data Repository, Wolfram Function Repository, Wolfram Neural Net Repository, Wolfram Chat services, Wolfram Resource System, as well as functions like WebSearch, WebImageSearch and TextTranslation access one or several of the following when invoked:

  • www.wolframcloud.com
  • datadrop.wolframcloud.com
  • datarepository.wolframcloud.com
  • resources.wolframcloud.com
  • channelbroker.wolframcloud.com

The GeoGraphics and AstroGraphics functionality need:

  • geo.wolfram.com

Astronomical computation needs:

  • naif.jpl.nasa.gov/pub/naif

The function ProteinData needs:

  • www.rcsb.org

The on-demand licensing functionality needs:

  • cloudlm-api.wolfram.com (port 443)
  • cloudlm.wolfram.com (port 16286)

The LLM-related functionalities used in Chat Notebooks and functions like LLMFunction, LLMSynthesize and ImageSynthesize need access to one or several of the following when invoked:


  • api.anthropic.com/v1
  • console.anthropic.com/account/keys
  • console.anthropic.com/legal/terms


  • api.openai.com/v1
  • platform.openai.com/account/api-keys
  • openai.com/api/policies/service-terms


  • generativelanguage.googleapis.com/v1beta3/models
  • makersuite.google.com/app/apikey
  • developers.generativeai.google/terms

Functions that perform web operations, like URLRead and URLExecute, require access to the URL that is called. Connected services functions accessed via ServiceConnect require access to the respective service/API domain.

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