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How can I find exported files in the Wolfram Cloud?

In the Wolfram Cloud, you can use CloudExport to generate a cloud object that can be accessed through the cloud file browser:

In[1] := CloudExport[Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 10}], "PNG", "CloudExport"]

Out[1] = CloudObject[https://www.wolframcloud.com/obj/USERNAME/CloudExport]

If you use Export, a raw file will be generated in the current working directory in the Wolfram Cloud:

In[2] := Export["Export.png", Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 10}]]

Out[2] = Export.png

The raw file is a file that exists in the current working directory, but cannot be accessed through the cloud file browser, which can only display cloud objects:

In[3] := FileNames[]

Out[3] = {Base, CloudExport.png, CloudSymbol, Copied Files, Export.png, Published,

To convert the existing raw file to an accessible cloud object, use CopyFile:

In[4] := CopyFile["Export.png",CloudObject["Export.png"],OverwriteTarget->True]

Out[4] = CloudObject[https://www.wolframcloud.com/obj/USERNAME/Export.png]

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