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Why is Mathematica showing an expiration notification even though my license has been updated?

When Mathematica’s license information is updated, either through a network license using MathLM or an individual license, a new line is added to the mathpass file.

When Mathematica starts, it looks in the mathpass file to see if it can launch. Mathematica can launch if the maximum number of simultaneous processes allowed for by all lines in the mathpass file has not yet been reached. Mathematica will use the first line in the mathpass file that it finds that will allow it to launch.

If you have a line in the mathpass file that has an upcoming expiration date and Mathematica uses that line to launch, Mathematica will issue a warning message about the license expiration, even though other lines that do not have upcoming expiration dates may be available. After the expiration date for a line passes, Mathematica will ignore that line when launching.

If you have already updated your mathpass file with a line that does not have an upcoming expiration date, feel free to ignore any expiration notices Mathematica displays. These messages will stop appearing after the expiration date passes. If you wish to remove the expiration notices immediately, edit the mathpass file to remove the lines with the upcoming expiration date, or move them to the bottom of the file.

If Mathematica has been activated via an activation key, you can open and edit the mathpass file directly. Within Mathematica, evaluate:


If you are at a site where Mathematica is activated via MathLM, contact your site administrator and have them update the MathLM mathpass file.

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