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How do I approve activation keys and password requests?

Activation keys and passwords are sent to a Site Administrator for approval if:

  • the Site Administrator has chosen to approve all activation key and password requests, or
  • the request is from a “non-authorized” user.

Activation Keys
When users request an activation key that requires Site Administrator approval, they are provided with a temporary activation key that expires in 15 days, along with a link to the Wolfram User Portal to access the appropriate download files.

The Site Administrator can approve or reject the request through the User Portal. If approved, users receive an email notifying them that the activation key is extended automatically the next time they launch the product. If rejected, users receive an email notifying them that the activation key request is rejected. When the temporary 15-day activation key expires, the product is no longer usable.

Users who are unable to activate online are asked to enter both an activation key and a password. They do not need to submit their password request for approval once their activation key is approved.

Some software such as Mathematica, webMathematica, or gridMathematica requires a password to activate. When users request a password that requires Site Administrator approval, the password is forwarded to the Site Administrator. It is the Site Administrator’s responsibility to validate their eligibility and forward the password along to the users.

Your organization’s Activation Key and Password Authorization setting can be updated through the Wolfram User Portal.

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