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What should I include when contacting Wolfram Technical Support?

Wolfram Technical Support helps find solutions to your technical questions on the Wolfram Language and Wolfram products. If you live outside the United States, please contact your authorized Wolfram reseller.

In order to process your technical support request as efficiently as possible and to determine the most appropriate solution for your specific inquiry, when submitting the request, please:

  • Include the activation key for your desktop Wolfram product, or provide your Wolfram ID for Wolfram Cloud products.
  • Provide the context of when the issue arises. If possible, list the essential steps or provide the minimal code necessary to reproduce the issue. We kindly ask you to keep any provided code self-contained and reasonably short if possible.
  • Document any visual aspects of the question, like front end behavior or error messages, with a screen shot or video.
  • Include basic information about your system, such as the name and version of your Wolfram product, the OS version it is running on and, if relevant, your browser version.
  • If describing a potential product issue, include a description of the behavior you expect and any workarounds you have tried so far.

We appreciate any further information you deem potentially helpful in order to address your inquiry.

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지원 문의

청구서, 제품 동기화에 관한 질문에서 기술적인 질문까지 부담없이 문의하세요.

1-800-WOLFRAM (국제 전화는 +1-217-398-0700)

고객 지원

월요일 - 금요일
8am–5pm 중부 표준시

  • 제품 등록 및 동기화
  • 구매 전 정보 및 주문
  • 설치 및 동작

고급 기술지원 (해당 고객을 대상으로)

월요일 - 목요일
8am–7pm 중부 표준시

8:30–10am & 11am–5pm 중부 표준시

  • 우선적 기술지원
  • Wolfram 전문가들의 제품 지원
  • Wolfram 프로그래밍
  • 고급 설치 지원