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How do I troubleshoot CUDALink issues?

CUDALink allows the Wolfram Language to use the CUDA parallel computing architecture on graphics processing units (GPUs).

If CUDALink is not working correctly, the most common root causes are:

  • Your GPU is not CUDA-enabled with a sufficient compute capability. If your GPU is not listed on this webpage with compute capability 3.0+, then CUDALink will not work in Mathematica.
  • The NVIDIA-distributed GPU driver on your machine is out of date. Please update to the latest driver for your specific GPU:


    Note that your operating system’s automatic driver updating tool may not always have access to the latest version, so it is essential to check NVIDIA’s website directly.

  • The CUDAResources paclet on your machine is out of date. Update it to the latest version by evaluating the following:
    PacletSiteUpdate /@ PacletSites[];
    CUDAResourcesInstall[Update -> True]  

    … from within your Wolfram System. Note that this functionality requires internet access.

The CUDALink setup tutorial provides further in-depth troubleshooting information if necessary.

If the issue still persists, please contact Wolfram Technical Support. In your support request, please include a notebook containing the output of the following code:

<< CUDALink`
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