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How do I automatically renew site license activation keys?

If a user’s activation key is marked as “auto renew”, the activation key will automatically be extended following the renewal of your site license. If it is not marked as “auto renew”, he or she will need to access a new activation key. If the individual is not using the most current version of the product, an upgrade should be installed.

In earlier products such as Mathematica 7 and below, the product will prompt users to enter a new password once the old password expires. If you wish to be proactive by entering the new passwords before the old ones have expired, you can do one of two things:

  1. Exit Mathematica and delete the mathpass file, which contains the old password information. After deleting the mathpass file, when you restart Mathematica, it will prompt you to enter your license number, organization name, and password, just like when you first installed Mathematica. The mathpass file’s location depends on the platform you are using.
  2. More experienced Mathematica users also have the option of manually updating their mathpass file using a text editor. The mathpass file will follow the format:
    hostname 1111-11111-11111 L1234-5678 2222-222-222:2:9:20020130

    The hostname is the name of the machine on which Mathematica has been installed and will run. This is given first, followed by the MathID (where applicable), the license number, and the password. The parts of the entry may be separated by spaces or tabs. Once you have replaced the password information in the mathpass file, Mathematica will begin using this new password the next time it is launched.

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