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如何在 Linux 上安装 Wolfram Desktop?

If your organization has enabled access to Wolfram products through single sign-on (SSO), see How do I activate a Wolfram product using single sign-on (SSO)?

To set up Wolfram Desktop on your Linux machine, you first need to download both the product and its documentation from your Wolfram Account, install both on your machine, then activate Wolfram Desktop or sign in using your organization’s credentials.


  • You may choose to install Wolfram Desktop without its documentation. Any documentation search in your Wolfram Desktop installation then redirects to the online Wolfram Language & System Documentation Center and requires an active internet connection.
  • 适用于 Linux 的 Wolfram Desktop 安装程序是在 Linux 终端中运行的 bash 脚本。如果您不熟悉终端,请阅读如何使用终端的简要指南.设置是一个易于理解的对话框。请按照相应的说明从下载的脚本进行安装。

Downloading the Wolfram Desktop + Documentation Installers

  1. 退出您机器上运行的任何先前安装的 Wolfram 产品。
  2. 转到您的Wolfram 帐户页面
  3. 导航到产品和服务选项卡。选择Wolfram|One
  4. In the Desktop section, click the Download button under ‘Desktop app + local documentation’ to download the Wolfram Desktop installer. Wait for the download to finish.
    Alternatively, to install only the core product or the documentation, click See more download/language options and previous versions.

Installing the Documentation

  1. 打开终端并将目录更改为安装程序所在的位置。例如,如果安装程序位于您的桌面上,请运行:
     cd Desktop 
  2. Installing Wolfram Language Documentation under its default locations typically requires administrative privileges.
    Use the command sudo to run the installer script in that case. For example, if the installer is called “DocumentationInstaller.sh”, run:

    sudo bash DocumentationInstaller.sh

    sudo asks you to enter your password on the machine. After providing it, the installer starts.
    sudo can be omitted when installing to a location for which you have the necessary write permissions.

    The installer asks whether to proceed with the installation of the documentation as all users of the computer will be able to use it.

    WARNING: Wolfram Language 14.0 English Documentation is protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution may result in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under law.
    All users of this computer will be able to use this software.
    Proceed with installation? (y/n)
  3. To install documentation, type “y”; otherwise, type “n”.
  4. Wait for the installation of the Wolfram Language Documentation to complete.

Installing Wolfram Desktop

  1. Start the downloaded Wolfram Desktop installer.

    sudo bash ProductInstaller.sh

    The installer prompts you to enter an installation directory.

    Enter the installation directory, or press ENTER
    to select /usr/local/Wolfram/WolframDesktop/14.0:
  2. Press Enter to install Wolfram Desktop to the default directory.

    Otherwise, type the full file path to your desired installation directory and press Enter.

    The installer prompts you where you want to place the executables.

    Type the directory path in which Wolfram Desktop
    script(s) will be created, or press ENTER to select
  3. Press Enter to place them in the default directory.

    否则,如果要将它们放在其他位置,请输入完整的文件路径,然后按 Enter。

    The installer then asks if you want to install wolframscript, an optional add-on to execute Wolfram Language code to be run from the command line or by using a script.

    WolframScript allows Wolfram Language code to be run from the command line and from self-executing script files. It is always available from /usr/local/Wolfram/WolframDesktop/14.0/Executables/wolframscript. WolframScript system integration makes the wolframscript binary accessible from any terminal, and allows .wls script files to be executed by double-clicking them in the file manager.
    Install WolframScript system integration? (y/n)
  4. To install wolframscript, type “y”; otherwise, type “n”.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete.
  6. Open Wolfram Desktop to start using it. The Wolfram Product Activation dialog appears.

  7. Click Continue and activate Wolfram Desktop using your Wolfram credentials or your organization’s single sign-on access.

Wolfram Desktop is now installed and activated.








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