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How do I activate Wolfram products online?

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After purchasing and, if necessary, installing a Wolfram product, you can start using it either by entering your Wolfram ID and associated password (your “Wolfram Account credentials”) or by entering an activation key.

Some products, such as Wolfram|One and Mathematica Student Edition, have both a cloud and a desktop component. Cloud products (or the cloud components of products) do not need to be activated after purchase and are accessed by logging into wolframcloud.com using your Wolfram Account credentials.

For desktop products, there are two main methods of activation:

  1. Enter your activation key: a sequence of alphanumeric characters of the form 1234-5678-123ABC.
  2. Enter your Wolfram Account credentials: the Wolfram ID and password that you use to log into your User Portal or account page.
  • You may be able to activate your Wolfram product using your organization’s credentials if they have enabled single sign-on or with the help of a license server if your organization has set one up. In those cases, check with your site administrator.
  • Activation Methods for Individual Desktop Wolfram Products

    Product Activation Key Wolfram Account Credentials Network License Server Single Sign-On
    Mathematica* Student Edition
    Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition
    System Modeler
    Wolfram Player No activation required
    Wolfram Player Pro
    Finance Platform
    Wolfram Engine

    *Mathematica for the Raspberry Pi is free and does not require activation.

    Getting an Activation Key

    Activation keys are generally available in your User Portal if you have either purchased or been given access to an applicable product.

    If you obtained the software through your site, please contact your site administrator or software distributor to get your activation keys.

    If you purchased your product through the Wolfram Store, your activation key(s) will be sent to you via email at the time you check out. The number of activation keys you receive depends on your product license.

    Other Methods of Activation

    If your computer is not connected to the internet, you can still activate your software using manual activation. If you need to transfer your installation to a new computer, please use the System Transfer Form.

    If your site activates your software with the MathLM license server, follow the instructions here.

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