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How do I upgrade MathLM on Mac and Linux?

The MathLM license manager is used to distribute licenses for network installations of Mathematica. After updating Mathematica to a newer major version, you also need to upgrade to the equivalent or later version of MathLM.

To upgrade your MathLM installation and have it start using the new license information, you need to collect the MathLM installer and all necessary license details, stop the current MathLM process, install the new MathLM and restart the process. During the MathLM installation, you will be prompted to uninstall the previous MathLM and update the Mathematica license information.

  1. Download the new MathLM installer from the User Portal.
  2. To stop the current running process of MathLM, find the process ID by executing the following command in a terminal:
     ps -A | grep mathlm 
  3. Using the MathLM process ID, terminate it with the following command:
     kill -9 <processid> 
  4. Using the new installer obtained in step 1, install MathLM.
  5. Update your MathLM license information if necessary.
  6. At the end of installation, navigate to the MathLM installation directory. (The default is /Usr/local/Wolfram/MathLM on Mac and /usr/local/Wolfram/MathLM on Linux).
  7. Restart MathLM by executing the following command:








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