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How do I install MathLM on macOS and Linux?

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The MathLM installer for macOS and Linux is a bash script that is run in the terminal. If you’re not familiar with the terminal, please read a brief guide on how to use the terminal. The setup is an easy-to-follow dialog. Please follow the corresponding instructions for installing from a downloaded script.

Running the Installer from a Downloaded Script

  1. Quit any other installation of Wolfram products running on your machine.
  2. From your User Portal, select MathLM <product> License Manager and download MathLM_<version>.
  3. Unzip the files into your chosen folder (e.g. Downloads).
  4. Open a terminal and change the directory to where the installer is located. For example, if the installer is located on your Downloads folder, run:
     cd ~/Downloads/MathLM_<version>

    This changes the directory to your unzipped installation files folder in Downloads. If you wish to verify that the installer file is in your Downloads folder, use the command ls.

  5. Installing MathLM under their default locations typically requires administrative privileges. Use the command sudo to run the installer script. For example, if the installer is called M-UNIX-LM.sh, run:
    sudo bash M-UNIX-LM.sh

    sudo asks you to enter your password on the machine. After providing it, the installer starts.

    sudo can be omitted when installing to a location for which you have the necessary write permissions.

  6. After providing the administrative password, the installer starts.

    Note the machine name and MathID here, as you will need them later.

    MathLM <version> for UNIX Installer Archive
    Verifying archive integrity. 
    Extracting installer. ...................
                           MathLM <version> Installer
    You can use this installer to install MathLM for the first
    time, or to install a new version when you already have a
    previous version installed. To complete the installation, you
    will need a MathLM password. You have received an activation key
    with this copy of MathLM; to receive your password log in to 
    user.wolfram.com. Create an account if necessary. Once logged in
    associate the activation key with your login and receive your
    You can also find activation instructions at
    To activate and get a password you will need to supply the
    following information:
      Machine name:  your machine name
      MathID:        XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
    Enter 'c' to continue or 'e' to exit the installer [c]: 
  7. Type “c” to continue installation. Enter your activation key from the User Portal.
    Enter your activation key located on your electronic or printed
    License Certificate. Your activation key is of the form
    XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXX, where the X are digits or letters.
    Enter your activation key : 1234-5678-123ABC		
  8. To generate a password for MathLM, go to the Password Generator form in the User Portal and enter the activation key and MathID obtained in the steps above. Click the Generate Password button to generate your new password.
    In the MathLM installer, enter your MathLM password and press Enter to continue:

    Enter your MathLM password: 2222-222-222:100,100,800,800:9:20270130:CB
  9. If you are using MathLM with a single Wolfram product (e.g. Mathematica), type “n” and press Enter to continue.
    Enter additional activation key? (y/n)[y]: 

    If you are using MathLM for several Wolfram products (e.g. Mathematica and System Modeler), follow steps 6 and 7 from the MathLM installation instructions once more to enter the activation key and password for the other product.

  10. The installer prompts you to enter an installation directory. Press Enter to install MathLM to the default directory.
    The installer will copy relevant files from the distribution
    CD-ROM into your MathLM directory. If you specify a
    directory that already contains MathLM, the installer
    will update components to the latest available version. To install
    MathLM from scratch, specify a directory that does not
    already exist.
    Enter the MathLM directory [/usr/local/Wolfram/MathLM]: 

    Alternatively, type the full directory path to your desired installation directory and press Enter.

  11. If the directory does not exist, the installer will create it for you. Type “y” and press Enter to continue.
    "/usr/local/Wolfram/MathLM" does not exist. Create? (y/n)[y]: 
  12. Press Enter to select the default linking directory.
    The installer will copy relevant files from the distribution
    CD-ROM into a linking directory. If you specify a directory
    that already contains files from an older installation of
    MathLM, the installer will update components to the latest
    available version. To install MathLM from scratch, specify
    a directory that does not already exist.
    Enter the linking directory [/usr/local/sbin]: 

    Alternatively, type in the full directory path and then press Enter.

  13. The installation is now complete.
    Installing the mathpass file to "/usr/local/Wolfram/MathLM".
    Installing manpages to "/usr/local/Wolfram/MathLM".
    The complete documentation on MathLM is available at
    For troubleshooting information or further assistance,
    please contact Wolfram Research Technical Support at
  14. Launch the MathLM server from the terminal.
    cd /usr/local/Wolfram/MathLM

    Note: This command assumes you installed MathLM to the default location. If you installed it in a different location, please replace “/usr/local/Wolfram/MathLM” with the path to your installation directory.

  15. Verify your MathLM server is running by activating Mathematica via this network licensing server.
    As server name, use:

    • <machine name>.local (for macOS)
    • <machine name> (for Linux)
    • where <machine name> is the machine name you noted earlier.

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