The following instructions may be used to disable parts of the new Predictive Interface feature in your Wolfram System, such as the Suggestions Bar or autocompletion.

Temporarily Disable the Suggestions Bar

To disable the Suggestions Bar until the Wolfram System is restarted, click the small gray circle that appears to the right of the Suggestions Bar.
Suggestions bar 1

The Suggestions Bar will disappear, and another small gray circle will appear to the right of the current output cell.
Suggestions bar 2

To reenable the Suggestions Bar, click this new circle.

Permanently Disable the Suggestions Bar

  1. Open the Preferences window by navigating in the menu Edit ► Preferences on Windows and Linux, or Mathematica ► Preferences or Wolfram Desktop ► Preferences on Mac.
  2. Select the Interface tab.
  3. Uncheck the checkbox “Show Suggestions Bar after last output”, found toward the bottom of the window.

Suggestion bar 3

This turns off the Suggestions Bar in the given Wolfram System installation.

To turn the Suggestions Bar on again, recheck this checkbox.

Permanently Disable Autocompletion

  1. Open the Option Inspector window by navigating to the menu item Format ► Option Inspector.
  2. Select Global Preferences from the first drop-down menu.
  3. Search for the “AutoPopupEnable” setting, or navigate to it through Editing Options ► Private Editing Options ► CodeAssistOptions ► “AutoPopupEnable”.
  4. Suggestions bar 4

  5. After locating the setting, change it to False by clicking the checkbox on the right side of the row.
  6. Click Apply in the top-right corner for the change to take effect.

This turns off autocompletion in the given Wolfram System installation.

To turn it on again, set the “AutoPopupEnable” option back to True.