Your MathID is a unique identification code for your computer used to tie your license information to your specific machine. You will need your MathID when updating and upgrading your Mathematica License Manager (MathLM) server’s license information.

To generate the MathID associated with your machine, you need to have MathLM or Mathematica installed.

During Installation

Your MathID is made available during the MathLM installation process.


On Windows systems, the MathID is displayed in the first text field in the MathLM Password window.


On Linux and Mac systems, you will find your MathID near the end of the Installer introductory text.

user@myserver:~/Desktop$ sudo bash
MathLM 12.0.0 for UNIX Installer Archive

Verifying archive integrity.
Extracting installer. ......................
                       MathLM 12.0 Installer

You can use this installer to install MathLM for the first
time, or to install a new version when you already have a
previous version installed. To complete the installation, you
will need a MathLM password. You have received an activation key
with this copy of MathLM; to receive your password log in to Create an account if necessary. Once logged in
associate the activation key with your login and receive your

You can also find activation instructions at

To activate and get a password you will need to supply the
following information:

  Machine name:  myserver
  MathID:        6534-99561-12424

Enter 'c' to continue or 'e' to exit the installer [c]:

After Installation

To find your machine’s MathID after installing MathLM:

  1. Open a terminal or command prompt session.
  2. Navigate to MathLM’s installation directory. For example, on Windows:
    C:>cd C:Program Files (x86)Wolfram ResearchMathLM
  3. Run mathlm -mathid to display the MathID for this machine:
    C:Program Files (x86)Wolfram ResearchMathLM>mathlm -mathid
    The MathID of this computer is: 6202-79002-05982