SystemModeler 12.0 supports Modelica Standard Library (MSL) Versions 3.1, 3.2.1 and 3.2.2. These libraries are bundled together with SystemModeler’s installation files. We recommend that you use the bundled versions of MSL, because we test and optimize these for SystemModeler.

SystemModeler currently does not support certain MSL libraries, such as the MSL Fluid Library. We hope to support these in a future version of SystemModeler. The SystemModeler documentation lists every supported MSL library.

You can install unsupported libraries; however, to work, they must comply with Modelica Versions 3.1, 3.2.1 or 3.2.2.

Adding Custom Modelica Libraries to SystemModeler

  1. To get to the Options menu, navigate to Tools ► Options. On Mac, navigate to SystemModeler ► Preferences. (Screenshots shown below in Windows.)

  2. In the Options dialog, select Global ► Modelica Libraries.

  3. In the dialog, click the Add Library Path button and navigate to the folder that contains your library files. Select the libraries and click OK.
  4. To activate your library, make sure it is checked, then click Apply.
  5. To close the dialog, click OK.