Most Mathematica configuration settings can be changed in the Option Inspector.

Each option can be set within three different scopes:

  • Entire application (Global Preferences)
  • Entire notebook (Selected Notebook)
  • Current selection (Selection)

Selection takes precedence over Selected Notebook, and Selected Notebook takes precedence over Global Preferences.

To modify a setting within a specific scope:

  1. Navigate to the menu item Format ► Option Inspector. The Option Inspector window appears.
  2. Select the desired scope of Selection/Selected Notebook/Global Preferences from the first drop-down menu.
  3. Search for the specific setting by browsing the categories on the left column or by looking it up directly.
  4. After locating the setting, change it to the preferred value.
  5. The possible values vary for the individual option. You may be able to select from a set of values listed in a drop-down menu, choose between True and False for a Boolean option or manually enter a value.

  6. Click Apply in the top-right corner for the change to take effect.

If an option value is modified from its default, an “x” symbol appears to the left of the option name.
Click the “x” to revert to the default value.