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Quick Start Guide for Mathematica Comprehensive Program Site Administrators

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Below is information to help you get users started with Mathematica and Mathematica Student Edition quickly and easily. To view the list of products available through your site license or manage it online, visit the Wolfram User Portal. You can access your license by clicking My Site Programs and selecting your site license from the list.

Installing Mathematica | Distributing Mathematica | Getting Passwords | Technical Support | Complimentary Products and Services

Installing Mathematica

If you receive physical shipments, your site kit for Mathematica contains the media needed to install Mathematica and the license manager, MathLM. If you have a Student Comprehensive Program, your site kit contains the media needed to install Mathematica Student Edition on student-owned machines.

You can also download the latest versions of all your site-licensed products from the Download Center in the Wolfram User Portal.

Below is information to help you decide which media or download file should be used for the types of licenses obtained through your Comprehensive Program.

Single-Machine License Installations

Single-machine licenses are used for standalone installations of Mathematica (those that do not connect to a license server).

Mathematica and Mathematica Student Edition
Media/File Mathematica 14.0.0 for Windows/macOS/Linux
Platforms Mathematica System Requirements
Installation Summary During installation, users will be required to enter an activation key that is unique to their machine
Administrative Benefits Closely manage the number of installations onsite; offers an added level of security for organizations with a cost-sharing system

Network License Installations

A network license permits a specified number of Mathematica users to run the application concurrently on a network, making Mathematica available to multiple users and machines. Mathematica system administration in a network license environment involves setting up two separate components. First, the license manager, MathLM, is installed on the license server to handle the details of license activity. Second, Mathematica is installed as a client of MathLM.

License Server* Network Clients
Media/File MathLM License Manager 14.0.0 for Windows/macOS/Linux Mathematica 14.0.0 for Windows/macOS/Linux
Platforms Mathematica System Requirements
Installation Summary Install Mathematica on as many machines as you would like, and connect to the MathLM license manager for permission to run Mathematica
Administrative Benefits Deploy Mathematica onsite while only maintaining one password for the group of machines

* MathLM 14.0 can be used to serve licenses to clients running Mathematica Versions 12.3 to 14.0. However, MathLM 13.3 (or before) cannot be used as a license manager for Mathematica 14.0 clients.

Distributing Mathematica

Distribution Basics

Below is a list of items that you should provide to System Administrators and end users to install Mathematica, Mathematica Student Edition and MathLM:

  1. An Activation Key: You can assign and send activation keys to users through the Wolfram User Portal by clicking My Site Programs, selecting your site license from the list and navigating to the Assign tab in the Users & Activation Keys section
  2. Installation Media or Files: When you assign activation keys to users through the Wolfram User Portal, the users are sent a link to download the installation files from Wolfram Research. See Installing Mathematica for detailed file information.

Distribution Options

  • Download from Wolfram Research (RECOMMENDED): Users who are assigned an activation key will be sent a link to download the installation files from the Wolfram User Portal.
  • Physical Distribution: Physical media may be distributed directly to users. ISO/DMG files are available in the Wolfram Product Download Center to burn additional DVDs/CDs.
  • Set Up a Download Site: Post the installers on a local server and allow System Administrators and/or end users to log in to the site to download the installation files and install on their own machines.
  • Local File Server Installation: Allow users to run the installer remotely off your file server to install on a local machine.
  • Remote Installation: Allow System Administrators to connect to a remote client from a file server and run the installer on the remote machine.

More Information

Getting Passwords

Passwords for Mathematica and MathLM may be obtained as follows:

  • Web (RECOMMENDED): Password Generator
  • Email: register@wolfram.com
  • Toll-free (US and Canada): +1-800-WOLFRAM (965-3726)
  • Outside the US and Canada: +1-217-398-5151, +44-(0)1993-883400 (Europe)

Passwords for Mathematica Lab Version, where applicable, are posted in the Wolfram User Portal (navigate to My Site Programs > Select license > Users & Activation Keys > Lab Version Passwords).

More Information

Technical Support

Support is available to any employee at your organization with installation or technical questions, and may be obtained through your local sales partner or directly from Wolfram Research. Installation support is available to students by email only.

Users can also get answers to their questions about Wolfram technologies, connect with other users and share code and files through Wolfram Community.

  • Web: support.wolfram.com
  • Toll-free (US and Canada): +1-800-WOLFRAM (965-3726)
  • Outside the US and Canada: +1-217-398-6500, +44-(0)1993-883400 (Europe)

Complimentary Products and Services

Your site license includes added benefits such as complimentary home-use licenses to employees for their personally owned machines. Wolfram distributes these licenses directly to users; however, you can opt to approve all requests.

Visit the Wolfram User Portal for a complete list of benefits, including the quantities of each product available, links to the request forms and a list of current users (navigate to My Site Programs > Select license > Premier Service).

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