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How can I troubleshoot download issues with my Wolfram product?

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In order to properly install your Wolfram software product, you need to make sure the correct installer was downloaded completely.

A download manager is available for most pieces of Wolfram software, and is intended to handle the download process for the installer. If the download manager fails, there may be a direct download option available for your product.

A downloaded file may become corrupted if your internet connection is slow or unstable. By verifying the file size and/or checksum of the downloaded file, it is usually possible to identify whether or not a file has been downloaded correctly. Typically, moving to a wired connection will resolve the problem.

The process for finding the files for the installer is described in the support article How do I find installation files in the User Portal?.

Download Manager

The intended method of downloading the installers for most Wolfram products is to use the Download Manager, available through your Wolfram Account.

  1. Next to the Mathematica Download Manager option in your Wolfram Account, click the Download button. This will open a prompt containing information about the file you are downloading.
  2. Click the Start Download button. This will download the Download Manager to your computer.
  3. From your computer, launch the Download Manager. The Download Manager will then automatically download the installer for your product.

Direct Download

If, for whatever reason, the Download Manager fails to download the installer completely, some Wolfram products also feature an optional Direct Download option.

You may download the installer directly to your computer and run it from there to install the software.

Verifying File Downloads

To verify that the files that you have downloaded have not become corrupted, you can check the size of the file and verify the MD5 checksum.

Checking File Size

Compare the size of the downloaded file with the expected size for your Wolfram product given in your Wolfram Account. Record the expected download size displayed in the Download File Information window and compare it with the actual .zip archive size once the download is complete.

Depending on your operating system, the file sizes can differ in the last displayed digit due to rounding discrepancies. Such small differences are unlikely to be an issue.

Verifying the MD5 Checksum

Comparing the MD5 checksum of a download file with its expected value is a precise verification of the file’s integrity. The Download File Information window (see above screenshot) lists the expected MD5 checksum for the individual installer. Computing it for the downloaded file differs by operating system.


Windows does not include an MD5 checksum utility by default. Microsoft recommends using the File Checksum Integrity Verifier utility to compute the MD5 cryptographic hash values of a file. After installing it, run the utility from a terminal window by navigating to the program’s directory and evaluating the following:

C:Program FilesFCIV>fciv.exe "C:/Users/user/Downloads/Mathematica_14.0.0_WIN.zip"
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.


macOS includes the MD5 checksum utility MD5. Evaluating MD5 followed by the download’s file path will return the according checksum:

myMac:Downloads$ md5 Mathematica_14.0.0_MAC.dmg
MD5 (Mathematica_14.0.0_MAC.dmg) = 062da4a1b22c00c11d41683a78df4727


Linux includes the MD5 checksum utility md5sum. Evaluating md5sum followed by the download’s file path will return the according checksum:

myMachine:~& md5sum ./Downloads/Mathematica_14.0.0_LINUX.sh
00a07afb22dd5f3c96307f919ceccdba ./Downloads/Mathematica_14.0.0_LINUX.sh

If the download methods available through your Wolfram Account fail, please contact Wolfram Customer Service.

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