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How can Comprehensive Site administrators grant their users access to Wolfram products or subscriptions?

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As a site administrator, you can grant your site users access to both Wolfram desktop products and Wolfram Cloud subscriptions using the Wolfram User Portal. Such licenses and subscriptions can be assigned to individual users or entire groups.

Desktop Product Licenses

  1. In your User Portal, go to the My Site Programs tab.
  2. Select the product you want to assign to your users in the My Site Licenses table.
  3. Navigate to the Users & Activation KeysAssign tab.

  4. Select the activation keys you intend to assign. Click Next.

  5. Select whether you would like to assign the activation keys to several users (multiple users) or one individual person (one user/group leader). Click Next.
  6. Enter the requested user information. Click Finish to assign the pertaining activation keys.

Cloud Subscriptions

Cloud subscriptions can be assigned individually to your site users using steps analogous to those for desktop product licenses.

However, we recommend assigning cloud subscriptions in bulk using a .txt file containing the user information in the following format:


Here, only email is required for the individual record. An example with missing fields:


Once the .txt file is prepared:

  1. In your User Portal, go to the My Site Programs tab.
  2. Select the subscription you want to assign to your users in the My Site Subscriptions table.
  3. Navigate to the Site UsersAssign tab.
  4. Click Choose File, and select the user information .txt file. Click Continue. A page listing all the imported users appears.
  5. Verify that all user information is correct.
  6. Click Finish to confirm. An email invitation to register is sent to each user.
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