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What Mathematica settings can be used to accommodate vision issues?

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Wolfram Research recognizes that accessibility is important for many of our users. Different combinations of features may be required to achieve optimal accessibility without introducing distractions.


The magnification of each notebook can be set independently. It can be set in the Magnification drop-down menu in the notebook window’s bottom-right (Windows & Linux) or top-right (macOS) corner.

A default magnification can also be set using the Option Inspector.

Cell Brackets

Cell brackets are a useful tool for grouping content in a notebook, but they can be difficult to see, as they are designed to be unobtrusive. Options for cell bracket visibility must be set through the Option Inspector.

In the Option Inspector, change the Selection field to Global Preferences, then type “Bracket” into the Search field. This will bring up several options for cell brackets, including thickness, color and width.

Modify the options values as preferred. Each change is applied immediately after entering. Click the “x” at the left end of the same line to return to the default values.

Styles and Stylesheets

By using the various options under the Format drop-down menu, you can individually modify the font, size, style, color and background color of highlighted content in a notebook.

Collections of such stylistic changes are assembled and stored in stylesheets. You can exchange the stylesheet for a given notebook by selecting among the available choices in the Format ▶ Stylesheets menu, thereby changing the default appearance for each cell type in a given notebook. The ReverseColor stylesheet, for example, contains certain stylistic elements for improved visual accessibility.

Custom Stylesheets

You can also modify existing or create your own stylesheets by editing the style of a prototype version of that cell type in a stylesheet file.

The Wolfram Technical Support team will be glad to work with you to help you create your custom stylesheet. We would also welcome stylesheets that you have found useful, as these will help us to assist other individuals with vision issues in the future.

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