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What is the template for filing an Enterprise Support request?

When contacting Wolfram Enterprise Support with a technical issue, please fill out the following template and send it to enterprise-support@wolfram.com.

Wolfram Enterprise Support Request Template

Wolfram ID:
Company name:
Call-back number:             ___-___-____
Product activation key:       ____-____-______ 
(for desktop products)
Description of the Issue: 
Does the issue affect:
    - your essential business systems?      Yes/No 
    - your ability to run your business?    Yes/No 
Do you have a temporary workaround?         Yes/No
Have you contacted Wolfram Enterprise
about this issue before? Yes/No
If yes, previous case number: 

Include any of the following to help describe the issue:

  • System information such as OS and hardware information
  • All steps needed to reproduce the issue
  • All code and files needed to reproduce and analyze the issue
  • A description of the behavior that you expect
  • A description of any workarounds used so far

If your issue is critical or urgent, please call us immediately after sending this template.

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Contacte a soporte técnico

Estamos listos para ayudarlo a resolver sus preguntas sobre facturación, activación o problemas técnicos.

1-800-WOLFRAM (+1-217-398-0700 para usuarios internacionales)

Soporte al cliente

8am–5pm hora estándar del centro

  • Registro o activación del producto
  • Información y ordenes de preventas
  • Ayuda con la instalación y primera ejecución

Soporte técnico avanzado (para clientes admisibles)

8am–7pm hora estándar del centro

8:30–10am y 11am–5pm hora estándar del centro

  • Soporte técnico prioritario
  • Asistencia sobre el producto por expertos Wolfram
  • Ayuda con la programación de Wolfram Language
  • Soporte de instalación avanzado