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Whom do I contact about critical or urgent issues?

Your Enterprise Support inquiry is a critical or urgent issue if:

  • the product is used in a production environment,
  • its failure seriously affects the productivity of your production or server environment, and
  • this failure considerably impacts your business.

If these conditions apply and you are listed as an Enterprise Support Contact with the product license, please call 1-888-592-2997 with all the information required to process your inquiry efficiently.

Critical issues are as defined above without a current workaround. Urgent issues are as defined above with a temporary workaround. We aim to respond to your critical issues within 2 hours of the initial call and to urgent issues within 12 hours of the initial call.

Please also be ready to email us all the information necessary to work on the issue.

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1-800-WOLFRAM (국제 전화는 +1-217-398-0700)

고객 지원

월요일 - 금요일
8am–5pm 중부 표준시

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  • 구매 전 정보 및 주문
  • 설치 및 동작

고급 기술지원 (해당 고객을 대상으로)

월요일 - 목요일
8am–7pm 중부 표준시

8:30–10am & 11am–5pm 중부 표준시

  • 우선적 기술지원
  • Wolfram 전문가들의 제품 지원
  • Wolfram 프로그래밍
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