If you do not have an internet connection, or online activation does not work for any reason, you can activate Wolfram Desktop manually.

  1. Go to your account page for Wolfram|One. Sign in with your Wolfram ID credentials if necessary.
  2. Take note of one of the activation keys in the Desktop line.
  3. Launch Wolfram Desktop. The activation window appears.

  4. Select the “Other ways to activate” link in the dialog.

  5. Select the Manual Activation option. A dialog appears showing the MathID of the machine onto which you are installing Wolfram Desktop.

  6. Enter your activation key and take note of the MathID in the last line of Step 1.
  7. To generate the password, go to the password generator. Sign in with your Wolfram ID credentials if necessary.
  8. Enter your activation key and your MathID. Click the Generate Password button to generate your password.
  9. Copy and paste the password from the password generator into the corresponding field of the Wolfram Desktop Product Activation dialog.

  10. Click Activate.

If you are unable to manually activate Wolfram Desktop, contact Wolfram Support with the activation key, MathID and the password you have been able to obtain.