1. Quit any previous installations of Wolfram products that are running on your machine.
  2. If you are installing from a downloaded executable file (a file ending in .exe), double-click the executable file to run it. If you are installing from a USB device, insert the USB device into your computer and double-click the executable to start the installation.
  3. The Wolfram Finance Platform Setup dialog appears on your screen. Click Next to begin the installation process.

  4. By default, Finance Platform installs to the directory C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Wolfram Finance Platform\2.4. Click Next to install to the default directory.

    To install Finance Platform to a different directory, click Browse and select the directory. Then click Next to continue.
  5. Click Next to install all the optional components in Finance Platform. These extra components enable web browsers to display interactive notebooks and CDF documents.

    If you prefer not to install the extra components, cancel the checkbox that is next to Optional Components and click Next to continue.
  6. The installer adds a Finance Platform shortcut to the Windows Start Menu in the Wolfram Finance Platform folder.

    To make the shortcuts appear in a different folder, click Browse and select a file. If you prefer not to make a shortcut in the Start Menu, check the box next to “Don’t create a Start Menu folder”. Then click Next to continue the installation.
  7. The configuration of the Finance Platform installation is finished. Click Install to begin installing.

  8. Wait for the installation progress to complete.

  9. To complete the installation and launch Finance Platform, click Finish.

The installation is now complete. Next, activate Finance Platform to start using it.