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How do I uninstall gridMathematica Server?

gridMathematica Server when installed on a compute node consists of Mathematica without its documentation, a Tomcat server and a new user account that runs the Tomcat server. These can be removed if they’re no longer necessary on a compute node or machine.

Please back up anything you have saved to these directories before removing them.


Programs in Windows can be uninstalled in Windows 10 and previous versions.

After uninstalling gridMathematica Server this way, the Tomcat server and user account will still remain. To ensure that gridMathematica Server is completely uninstalled on your computer, remove:

  • Folder: C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\gridMathematica Server
  • The user account associated with gridMathematica Server, typically “wolframgrid”



To uninstall gridMathematica Server, first stop the service:

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.wolfram.lightweightGridManager.plist

Then remove:

  • Service Entry: /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.wolfram.lightweightGridManager.plist
  • Folder: /Applications/gridMathematicaServer.app/
  • The user account associated with gridMathematica Server, typically “wolframgrid”



gridMathematica version 12.1.1+

To uninstall gridMathematica Server, run the uninstall-lwg-support.sh script and then delete the installation directory. The script can be found in your $InstallationDirectory. By default, <installation directory> is “/usr/local/Wolfram/gridMathematicaServer/12.1”.

  1. Navigate to the directory that contains the uninstall script:
    cd <installation directory>
    cd SystemFiles/RemoteServices/SystemFiles/Unix
  2. Pass -u option to delete the user account associated with gridMathematica Server. By default, <username> is “wolframgrid”:
    sudo ./uninstall-lwg-support.sh -u <username>
  3. Delete the installation directory:
    sudo rm -r /usr/local/Wolfram/gridMathematicaServer/12.1

Legacy gridMathematica versions

To uninstall gridMathematica versions before 12.1.1, remove:

  • Folder: /usr/local/Wolfram/gridMathematicaServer/
  • The user account associated with gridMathematica Server, typically “wolframgrid”

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