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How do I find my activation key?

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If you received a copy of our software from your college or site, please contact your Site Administrator or software distributor to get your activation key.

If you purchased your product through the Wolfram Store, your activation key will be sent to you via email at the time you check out. An activation key comes with any copy of a product from Wolfram Research.

If you received your software directly from Wolfram Research and have registered it, your activation key is available on the Wolfram User Portal.

Finding Your Activation Key in the User Portal

  1. Go to https://user.wolfram.com/portal/login.html and log in using your Wolfram ID and password. If you have trouble accessing your account, contact Wolfram Customer Support.
  2. Once inside, click the tab titled My Products and Services. This page lists all your Wolfram products. The example below lists Mathematica for Sites and SystemModeler for Sites.
  3. Under the Product heading, click the product for which you want the activation key. For example, for Mathematica click the red Mathematica for Sites link.
  4. The product license page appears, listing your activation key(s). In the example below, the activation key is 1234-5678-ABCDEF.

Finding Your Activation Key in the Help Menu of Your Activated Wolfram Product

  1. Start your Wolfram product. If you are unable to start your product, use the User Portal method outlined above.
  2. Navigate to Help ► About Wolfram Mathematica on Windows or Linux, or Mathematica ► About Wolfram Mathematica on macOS. Your activation key is displayed in the window that appears.

Finding Your Activation Key by Evaluating Directly in a Wolfram Notebook

  1. Start your Wolfram product. If you are unable to start your product, use the User Portal method outlined above.
  2. Open a new notebook and evaluate $ActivationKey.
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