Your MathID is a unique identification code for your computer used to tie your license information to your specific machine.

To generate the MathID associated with your machine, you need to have Mathematica installed.

Finding Your MathID Before or While Activating Mathematica

The MathID can be displayed while activating the product.

  1. Start Mathematica on your machine.
  2. Select “Other ways to activate”.
  3. Select “Activate manually”. The MathID appears in the last line of the paragraph beginning with “Step 1”.

Finding the MathID inside Mathematica after Activating

Evaluate the following in a Mathematica notebook or Wolfram Language kernel to get the MathID for that machine.


Finding the MathID outside Mathematica after Activating

The MathID is stored in a text file named mathpass, along with other licensing information. Locate the mathpass file and read the MathID from its contents.

Finding the MathID on MathLM Servers

The MathID can be obtained in several ways on MathLM servers.