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How do I install Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition on Linux?

The Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition installer for Linux is a bash script that is run in the Linux terminal. If you’re not familiar with the terminal, please read a brief guide on how to use the terminal. The setup is an easy-to-follow dialog. Please follow the corresponding instructions for installing from a downloaded script.

Running the Installer from a Downloaded Script

  1. Quit any previous installation of Wolfram products running on your machine.
  2. Open a terminal and change the directory to where the installer is located. For example, if the installer is located on your desktop, run:
     cd Desktop 

    This changes the directory to your desktop. If you wish to verify that the installer file is in your desktop, use the command ls.

  3. The installer needs administrative privileges to run. Use the command sudo to run the installer script. For example, if the installer is called “installer.sh”, run:
    sudo bash installer.sh

    sudo asks you to enter the administrative password on the machine. After providing the administrative password, the installer starts.

  4. The first step in the installer prompts you to enter an installation directory. Press Enter to install Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition to the default directory.
    Enter the installation directory, or press ENTER to select 

    Otherwise, if you know where you want to install the software, type the full file path to your desired installation directory and press Enter.

    The installer then copies the files to the installation directory.

  5. After the files are copied, you are prompted to type where you want to place the executables. To place them in the default directory, press Enter.
    Type the directory path in which the Wolfram Alpha Notebook script(s)
     will be created, or press ENTER to select

    Otherwise, if you want to place them elsewhere, type in the full file path and then press Enter.

    The installer then copies the executables to the desired directory.

  6. The installer then asks if you want to install WolframScript, an optional add-on to execute Wolfram Language code from the command line or by using a script. To install WolframScript, type “y”; otherwise, type “n”.
    WolframScript allows Wolfram Language code to be run from the command
    line and from self-executing script files. It is always available from 
    WolframScript system integration makes the wolframscript binary
    accessible from any terminal, and allows .wls script files to be executed
    by double-clicking them in the file manager.
    Install WolframScript system integration? [y/n]
  7. The installer then asks if you want to install VernierLink. This only affects machines where the Wolfram System was installed as root. We therefore strongly recommend you apply the following steps to all Linux systems on which any of these Wolfram System versions are installed.
    VernierLink provides the ability to control sensors and instruments by
    Vernier Software & Technology using the Wolfram Language.
    Users must have read and write permissions to the devices for this
    functionality to work. It is possible to configure this computer so that all
    users have read and write permissions for Vernier devices. If you do not have
    any Vernier devices, or if you wish to control device permissions yourself,
    it is safe to answer "no" to this question.
    Configure computer so that Vernier devices are writable by all users? (y/n)
  8. Open Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition to start using it. The Wolfram Product Activation dialog appears.

The installation is now complete.

Sign in using your Wolfram ID and password to start using Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition.

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